Rob Kardashian Going to USC for a Law Degree

Some disturbing news coming out of the Kardashian camp. This fall 25-year-old Rob Kardashian will be heading to Good Morning America? No. His own show on E!? No. The Chateau Marmont to be photographed by paparazzi? No. He’ll be following in his father’s footsteps and heading to USC’s Gould Law School, Normally I’d say Kris Jenner had a heart attack after hearing this news but since Rob doesn’t have a pair of tits to pimp out, she couldn’t care less.

HuffPo hits us up with a couple more facts about the Kardashians’s education and there’s really no surprises. Rob is only the second Kardashian kid to earn his college degree graduating in 2009 from USC’s Marshall School of Business. Kourtney actually graduated from the University of Arizona in Tuscon in 2002 where she got a BA in Theatre Arts and a minor in Spanish.

As one would expect, neither Kim or Khloe went to college. And because Kris Jenner has successfully exploited every female child in her family, stepdad Bruce Jenner has said his daughters Kendall and Kylie probably won’t get their learn on either.

Said Jenner, “If they want to go to college, certainly, I think it’s a good idea. But I’m not the advocate of, ‘You’ve got to go to college.’ I think by the time they graduate from high school, they will probably be in a position to go right to working.”

He’s right. Why spend four years in higher learning when they can stay in their own celebrity bubble surrounded by yes-men and make millions. I wish I could do that too. Sigh, if only I had a sister who leaked a sex tape with the brother of a B-list R&B singer.

Update: USC says this isn’t true and they have no record of Rob applying. Maybe they aren’t looking in the right place. They should probably check their bank account for his application.

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11 years ago

He isn’t going to USC Gould School of Law. The university claims he didn’t even apply. Furthermore, his father did receive a bachelor’s from USC, but his JD came from the University of San Diego.

The Blemish
11 years ago
Reply to  csfacts

Updated the post. With his dad, meant to say like his father as in becoming a lawyer. Poorly worded which made it sound like he went to USC.

11 years ago
Reply to  The Blemish

Just to be safe you should probably write, “like his alleged/presumed father.”