Ryan Lochte’s Sister Megan Is Politically Correct

Apparently douchebaggery is genetic. A fact proven by Megan Lochte, Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte’s sister, on a Maryland talk show four years ago after coming back from the Beijing Olympics. A clip of which is below. Megan just comes out of the gate swinging calling the Chinese “c****s.” It didn’t help that the host and his co-host egged her on and threw in their own little jabs at China.

Asked how China was and how long she was there:¬†We were there for over a week. China was chinked out. It was… totally, like, Chinese, everything. Chinked. There was only c****s. Everywhere.

Hey, this interview is starting out great. *Grabs popcorn*

Suggesting maybe to not use that word: But it fits them ’cause they’re like c****s.

*Stares blankly* Yes… keep going.

Megan goes on to describe how everyone there likes to take pictures. “C***k c***k,” is how she described the sound of the camera flashes suggesting that’s probably where the word came from.

It wasn’t but don’t tell that to Megan because it might literally blow her mind. Whatever the case, the topic got to ninjas after she described Chinese drivers as ninjas.

On whether ninjas are Chinese or Japanese: They’re whatever we want. They’re Asian.

In her defense, ninjas are always masked and it’s a Megan Lochte proven fact that all Asians know kung fu. That’s what ninjas practice, right? Eh, whatever.

On what the Great Wall should be called: Like, fucking huge OCD fence.

*Starts slow clap* And here I thought stupidity could no longer reach such great heights. This chick is so dumb, Paris Hilton is probably laughing at her. On the bright side, at least the Olympics didn’t happen somewhere in Africa.

Fun fact: Megan studied multicultural marketing in the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

H/T: Jezebel

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10 years ago

imagine if the N word was used. this would be a bigger problem.

10 years ago
Reply to  ckh

Megan Lochte would say it’s because Asians are so passive..

10 years ago

Their MOTHER is the source of the ignorance and white trash behavior, she’s a pig of an excuse of a woman and raised complete pigs and imbeciles.Any company thinking of using this human turnip as a spokesman better be prepared to lose a lot of money and consumers. Listening to how stupid Ryan is I actually thought he had won the Special Olympics. A total moron.

Ira Greenstein
10 years ago

What’s the BFD here!?!? this is just funny as hell- I’ve never heard of this chick but I’m a big fan now.

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