Stephanie Pratt’s Boyfriend Ran Over a Cop’s Foot

Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend Julien Chabbott’s Ferrari 458 Spider was parked outside the Mercer Hotel in SoHo in the valet zone while a cop was writing him a ticket. Julien didn’t want to accept the ticket so he started creeping the car forward trying to drive away until he ran over the cop’s foot.

Turns out that’s not the best idea because the cop screamed, “What the f**k man,” punched his window, opened his door, dragged him out, rag-dolled him to the ground and put him in cuffs.

Chabbott was charged with assault, vehicular assault and obstructing governmental administration even though he probably could have fought the ticket and won. This guy must be brilliant which explains why he’s dating Stephanie Pratt.

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11 years ago

At first I was pissed off the most about the fact that a 27 kid made enough money to buy a Ferrari from a dumb iPhone app that nobody’s heard of. Then I Googled a little and found out his daddy is a big jewelry importer in Manhattan. Now I’m back to being happy a spoiled rich kid got dropped.

The Blemish
11 years ago
Reply to  DiddyOh

God, forgot about Line Snob.

11 years ago

That kid got off easy.