‘The Expendables 2’ Had Its Madrid Premiere

The Expendables 2 or Los Mercenarios 2, as they call it in Spain, held its premiere in Madrid on Wednesday and the photocall wasn’t that interesting save for Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Jason Statham walked around in his sunglasses trying to look cool and Dolph Lundgren stood there looking awkward on account of not having been to a big premiere in years (minus the last Expendables). Then there was JVCD who milked the red carpet for all it was worth.

First he did some high kicks, then he danced around a bit, then he showed off his abs, then he had a girl fake punch him, then he sexually harassed the girl who fake punched him by asking her, “Hey, did you see how flexible I was? Just imagine what I can do in the bedroom.” No, I’m just kidding about the last part. I hope.

Fun fact: Did you know Dolph Lundgren studied to be a chemical engineer?

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