‘The Expendables 3’ Will Have More Old People

Because Sylvester Stallone realized his career was in its twilight years, he created a new niche for himself. Old action icons in new action movies. He called it¬†The Expendables and The Expendables 2. It’s been mildly¬†successful. At least it seems so as he’s planning on making a third film. This time with more old people.

Producer Avi Lerner told Total Film that they have at least four new actors in mind for the third chapter. This includes Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes (when he gets back from prison) and Nicolas Cage.

Wait, Clint Eastwood? That can’t be right. That guy is 82. At this point in his career all he can do is sit there and scowl, maybe let out a few grumbles. There’s no way he’s going on any world saving missions unless he has kick-ass health insurance and they give him a free Rascal to ride around in.

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About Time
About Time
11 years ago

Show some respect for those older actors that have EARNED recognition and fame, as they were the REAL action heroes of the 80’s and 90’s. Stallone still does his own stunts and creates action scenes without a bunch of this CGI crap. These men deserve to be respected and reverence for all the work that they did before all of this “new school” crap came out. There’s still nothing like a good “old school” movie with lots of action and REAL MEN playing the roles. Nowadays, all we have is a bunch of CGI crap with a bunch of pretty… Read more »

About Time
About Time
11 years ago