The Killers’ Drummer Sexually Assaulted Michelle Obama

Ok, ok. That headline is intentionally misleading. The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. didn’t sexually assault the First Lady. He only accidentally groped her butt when they hugged.

The Killers performed for Barack Obama back in 2010 for Independence Day. They were introduced to the Obamas during the event when Michelle went in for a hug.

Ronnie tells NME that because Michelle was so tall, “when we were all being introduced to them, she went in for the hug and …. she ended up with her arms over me like this. Which meant that, the way I had positioned myself, suddenly I found I was grabbing her ass.”

At least that’s the story he’s sticking with. *Wink wink* Sure it was “unintentional.” I got ya, buddy. It’s like how I “unintentionally” sneaked past security and found myself in that cheerleader locker room.

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9 years ago

His hands ain’t big enough to grab that mess.

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