Tyra Banks Wants You to Think She Went to Harvard Business School

The latest cycle of America’s Next Top Model made it’s debut last week which means Tyra Banks gets to name drop Harvard Business School where she claims she got her MBA from even though she really didn’t. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tyra said:

I got a call from my boss … who said we needed to make some serious changes. It was a phone call that left me nervous and shaking. I hung up the phone — I got pulled out of a class at Harvard [where she recently graduated from the university’s executive education program] to take the call — and went back into the class, but I couldn’t focus on the professor. I was panicking.

The executive education program THR says Tyra graduated from isn’t actually Harvard Business School. The program, otherwise known as the Owner/President Management Program, has no formal education requirements for “clients” and its classes don’t count toward any degree or qualification, reports Jezebel.

The program is taught in three three-week units at $33,000 per unit. There are no GMAT requirements on the enrollment application but it does ask your annual compensation. For all intents and purposes, this is a glorified certificate of course completion on Harvard letterhead. This is akin to you saying you own a 458 Italia just because you bought a Ferrari symbol from eBay and put it on your car.

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