When the Hell Did This Happen?

The Hollywood Reporter wrote about Hollywood’s new A-list where actors are measured in buzz instead of career defining hits which keep them on top for decades. Anyway, the most interesting takeaway is Channing Tatum now sits on top of Hollywood’s A-list thanks to The Vow, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike. Usually, one studio will want certain actors while another will bank on another. This isn’t true for Tatum. Somehow Tatum has become the hottest commodity in Hollywood. Every studio wants him. So much so that he’s booked through next year.

In some ways, Tatum defies the rules that have become de rigueur for most actors aspiring to join this quicksilver new A-list: First, make sure you have critical credibility, either through an art house hit or an Oscar nomination; then link yourself to a franchise; and finally, prove your movies can deliver in the overseas market, which now attracts 69 percent of the overall box office.

That’s what makes Tatum amazing. He had no critical credibility before Magic Mike, even admitting as much during an interview, and he wasn’t part of a franchise (well, except Step Up, I guess). He basically snuck onto the A-list through the backdoor. It’s pretty inspirational. He’s like the everyman. Like you or me. Well, more so me. You… you could stand to lose a few pounds.

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11 years ago

hey screw you man! we exercise as well.. we just like reading stuff off the interwebs.

Jack Ketch
Jack Ketch
11 years ago

Meh, about as sexy as cold margarine. Where’s the chest hair ??