About That Vegas Party Girl Who Made Out With Prince Harry

Just a quick note about the Vegas party girl who talked about making out with Prince Harry at the Wynn in Vegas while his wiener was flopping around. She’s not really 32. Her ex-husband spoke to Celebuzz and blew her up telling everyone she’s actually 40.

“She is a person who has hurt me numerously by her actions through our marriage,” he tells Celebuzz.

“She’s very promiscuous,” he adds, “She is not a very nice person.”

When we asked Reichert if he would have warned Prince Harry to stay away from Carrie, the father of two (from previous marriages) had this to say:

“Yes, I would. But I’m pretty sure they’re not going to get married.”

There you have it. That Vegas party girl who made out with Prince Harry was really a cougar and her ex is sort of pissed that she almost rebounded with the Prince. It makes that sloppy drunk girl he picked up at the bar and shoved in his ex’s Facebook look amateur by comparison.

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