Alsion Pill’s Twitter Followers Doubled After Nude Photo, Farts When She Walks

Before she leaked her own topless photo on Twitter, Alison Pill had only around 13,000 followers. After she leaked her own topless photo, she has almost 31,000. Either a lot of people started watching The Newsroom or 17,000 people are hoping she accidentally leaks another nude photo. It could explain the constant refreshing of her feed.

How she accidentally posted herself topless may be attributed to women being women or it could have something to do with her at Fashion Week last Monday falling down drunk, stumbling all over the place and yelling about her epic struggle with farting. A source said, “She was yelling and telling everyone she was ‘farting’ every time she moved.”

I can just imagine Alison at Fashion Week surrounded by serious faced designers and fashionistas, their concentration intermittently broken by a high pitched squeal coming from her ass as she walked by.

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9 years ago

what an ugly dumb fuckin whore i think she should do what that whore amanda todd did and kill herself

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