Amanda Bynes Was Pulled Over, Had Her Car Impounded

It was guaranteed Amanda Bynes wouldn’t stop driving even on a suspended license and even after the judge told her not to but it was only a matter of time before cops pulled her over again and took her car away. That’s what happened at around 9 AM on Sunday morning in Burbank. Police impounded her vehicle and gave her a misdemeanor ticket for driving on a suspended license. So now Amanda has lost her mobile hotbox and has to take a cab to clubs. In LA. Bwahahaha.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan has a few thoughts about this Amanda Bynes situation. She tweeted, “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?” Wait, was she talking about the time she hijacked a SUV with people inside and chased her assistant’s car down the PCH at 100MPH and was then caught and charged with DUI and possession? Because I can see how the two are totally the same thing. What’s with these double standards?!

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