Blake Lively Admits to Smuggling

Blake Lively says she’s taken up cooking and loves experimenting when she travels. So much so that she’s always smuggling back local ingredients through customs.

“I have smuggled so many ingredients across so many borders, like shallot confit from Thailand, or a new sauce from New Orleans not approved by the FDA. I’m stuffing them in teddy bears cut in half and put back together again and I’ve gotten really good at it, although now I’m talking about it, I’m sure customs will be all over me next time I go anywhere.”

Hidden in teddy bears? Why didn’t I think of that? And here I was stuffing saffron into my anus.

  • Gag me

    Blake kissed up to creepy pervert Harvey. I bet she did the deed with him. She is a talentless hoebag and doesn’t deserve to be in acting.

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