Cameron Diaz Looks Pretty Good Here

In light of recent reports, Tom Cruise’s rep denied that there was anything going on between him and Cameron Diaz. Rumors earlier said they reconnected at her 40th birthday bash but apparently it’s all lies. I mean, c’mon guys, she hasn’t even been surreptitiously audited by Scientology yet.

She did, however, do this Davis Factor photoshoot (removed by request) which oddly enough, she looked real good in. Usually staring at her would make my soul weep but apparently Davis, who also shot Hayden Panettiere, is a genius behind a lens. Some say he could probably even make your mom look decent.

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Honest Abe
Honest Abe
10 years ago

Ehh, lots of ethereal effects that mask the weathered look of Cameron. Still can see she gets overfilled juvederm in her nasolabial folds, distorts her face. Reminds me of the oldsen twins mom or something. Mary Louise-Parker from Weeds looks decades younger than Cameron; Cam isn’t aging well.