Christina Aguilera’s New Music Video Seems Interesting

Christina Aguilera released the music video for “F*ck Your Body” now called “Love Your Body” because won’t somebody please think of the children?! It’s about a chubby chick who goes around having sex with strangers.

The video left me with a few questions:

  • Is she really singing in front of a trailer home? Because bravo. That seemed very appropriate.
  • That’s gross, what did she do in that bathroom? Why is that guy covered in blue stuff? Did they have sex in the tidy bowl toilet?
  • Why did she bring a baseball bat with her when she went to bang the second guy? Did she stick that up somewhere? What is this, Thailand?
  • How tight did that outfit need to be to make her waist look that small? Was it reinforced with Wolverine’s bones?
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