Cyndi Lauper’s Ex-Stepfather Was a Real Weirdo

In her new book, “Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir,” she talks about her then stepfather growing up. How he giggled as he watched her take a bath, masturbated outside her window, beat their mother and threatened to rape her and her older sister. You know, normal stepfather stuff.

Lauper, now 59, writes, “Unfortunately, she married a pedophile who beat her and bullied her. He’d threaten to beat her parents and rape her daughters while she was at work.”

In another excerpt, obtained by the New York Post, the singer insists she could no longer bear living at home after catching him as he watched her take a bath: “I heard his creepy giggle and saw my stepfather’s pear-shaped shadow… It was too much. It was worse than him beating the dog when she cried… It was worse than him touching himself, right outside our bedroom window.”

In the article, it says Cyndi, then 17, moved out after catching her stepfather perving out while she was bathing. If it was me, I would have poisoned the bath water because you know that weirdo would have sneaked in afterward to try and drink it.

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