Girl Talks About Prince Harry’s Nude Vegas Coke Party

There’s still some debate over whether or not a coke dealer was at Prince Harry’s naked strip pool party at the Wynn in Vegas and if he supplied any drugs. Since there’s no way anybody there will confirm it (narcs) we’ll have to settle for some girl talking about how she almost hooked up with Prince Harry.

Her name is Carrie Reichert and she is British born but now lives in San Diego. She was one of nine girls handpicked by Harry to watch him run around his penthouse suite naked with his penis flopping everywhere. Carrie says Harry was wasted and was giving out naked hugs and the girls didn’t even scream in terror and whip out a can of mace like they usually do! Weird, right?!

“There was billiards being played. Harry was being randomly funny, going from the billiards to the bedroom. He wasn’t the only one ­naked. There were girls naked. The guys were half dressed.

“It was not like an orgy going on, it was just sexy naked. It was like almost a game. He was trying to get everybody to get naked. That was the whole point of him being naked.

“Girls were getting naked, he was screaming out ‘Everybody get naked!’ Just randomly doing crazy stuff.

“He was pressing his body up against the window and saying ‘Look at me Vegas!’ because he’s got this huge ­window and of course you can see all of Vegas down the strip.

“Just pressing up against the window just like, ‘Look at me Vegas, these are the royal jewels’.”

Then Carrie got some tongue action with Prince Harry.

“He said that he liked my eyes and was just going on and on about the military. He didn’t make too much sense. Then he grabbed my hand and we went back to his room.

“There was not very much talking at that time, his clothes were off. I had a bikini on. A string bikini. I had a party dress over that, and that came off. And I just had a bikini.” Carrie and Harry then had what she describes as a “drunken fumble”.

Carrie added: “We kissed for 15 to 20 minutes. I am sure somebody ­stumbled in as there were people going in and out of rooms all the time. We kissed again and he said ‘That was great’.

“He told me I was beautiful and ­gorgeous, which was sweet. Then we kind of nonchalantly returned to the party and kept drinking.”

Carrie later went back to her room after a few of the girls passed out in seats. I’m assuming naked. I’m also assuming they woke up with dicks and an amazingly detailed Hitler ‘stache drawn on their faces with Sharpie.

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