Kristen Stewart Telling People Robert Pattinson Sucks in Bed

Once again, grain of salt because this comes from Star who says Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s recent reunion is all a clever publicity stunt put together to fool fans and press to bleed them for every dollar they have until Twilight ends.

In fact, they really aren’t getting back together. Especially not when Kristen has been going around telling everyone Rob is a terrible lay and couldn’t fulfill her sexually. “Total dead fish,” I suspect is one of the criticisms.

“Rob couldn’t believe that Kristen was telling everyone that he’s bad in bed,” the source says. “Not only did she cheat on him, she humiliated him. Now that he’s heard about the rumors she’s been spreading, there’s no chance [he’ll take her back].” HollywoodLife

Kristen seems like the type of girl that could never be satisfied sexually. Not because her partners are bad or anything. It just seems like she would be real emo about the whole thing. Like if the guy asks how it was, Kristen would say something along the lines of, “I felt the pains of a thousand swords.” Um, soooo, thumbs up?

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8 years ago

Oh, COME ON! You KNOW these extreme Twilight
obsessions were PREVENTABLE, and SO many Twilight Fans are STILL in
emotional turmoil because of this Robsten breakup PR stunt (although
things seem a little better now that they are possibly together again –
for the moment). Hollywood intentionally causing young, obsessed fans
this kind of pain is wrong. TIME to start thinking about putting blame
where it belongs – Stephenie Meyer. Search “explain twilight breaking
dawn ending blogspot”.

8 years ago
Reply to  Catherine

I’m sorry but what?

8 years ago

this is ridiculous!!!

Megan Medlar
Megan Medlar
8 years ago

who really cares if they are together.. do they really think they are going to lose sales on Braking Dawn part 2 because Kristin and Robert are not together? personally I gi to see the movie ti see the damn movie I could are less who’s dating who. she’s a whore

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