Lady Gaga’s Parents’ Restaurant: ‘Worst Thing Since Herpes’

Lady Gaga attributed her 25lb weight gain to delicious Italian food at her parents’ restaurant which as it turns out was just a big advertisement for her parents’ eatery Joanne Trattoria on the upper West Side.

The New York Daily News reviewed the place and this quote pretty much sums it up: “I came with an open mind, despite the fact that most of my colleagues have portrayed Joanne as the worst thing since herpes.”

The rest of the one star review is basically full of complaints about the high price not matching the low quality of the food. For example, $28 for dry lemon chicken with no sides whose taste is “closer to those supermarket birds in foil bags” and $26 for sub-par meat lasagna.

Hey, but maybe this reviewer just went in with a set of preconceived notions and didn’t give the place a fair shake. Let’s see what Yelp has to say.

  • One of our pasta dish came with the pasta still cold.
  • The food is bland and overpriced with little imagination in terms of the presentation (I had the romaine salad and the chicken).
  • The WORST Italian food I have ever had in my LIFE.  I actually had to get up and get some air because the lasagna made me nauseous.
  • This was not just nice thin chicken breasts in a lemon butter sauce this was tortured chicken leg and thigh with rosemary in lemon juice. I tired a friends pasta and it was fine – $8 fine from my local pizza place certainly not $24 delicious.

Wait… but… Lady Gaga by association, everybody. When you’re dining at this place, you’re at least three degrees from a famous person. That’s something, right?

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Ya Sauce Sux Bruh
Ya Sauce Sux Bruh
8 years ago

He should one up his dawta and make it an Olive Garden

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