Lil Wayne Gives Great Depositions

Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary that chronicled his life over many months during Wayne’s time spent working on his album “Tha Carter III.” Wayne hated the movie calling it a “scandalous portrayal.”

In June, Lil Wayne was deposed by Quincy’s lawyer, Pete Ross, and it was a mess. A hysterical mess. If you haven’t watched the clips TMZ put up of Lil Wayne’s deposition, you should do it right now.

Not only is he condescending to Pete Ross but he says over and over again that he doesn’t remember anything especially any of his arrests or time spent in prison. Lil Wayne just puts his head down on the table like a bored little kid in math class. At one point, Lil Wayne even threatens Pete Ross telling him that the judge can’t save him in the real world.

Lil Wayne sounds like a delight to question. A really stand-up guy.

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