Miley Cyrus in Bed With Ashton Kutcher for ‘Two and a Half Men’

I’ve asked a lot of people and no one has ever admitted to watching Two and a Half Men so I have no idea how this show is popular. But for some unimaginable reason it is even though it’s unfunny and uninspired. It must be by sheer luck that the only people who watch it are the ones who own Nielsen boxes. Namely, old people. Hence, why they cast Miley Cyrus as a guest star.

Anyway, here are the first shots of her on set with her cockatoo hair sitting in bed with Ashton Kutcher. I can already hear the laugh track playing despite nothing funny ever happening in the history of the show.

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Daniel Asamota
8 years ago

This is one episode that I hate I missed! Call me crazy, but I think Miley Cyrus is HOTT! Now if I can only get her away from that silly boyfriend of hers, we could have some real funnn!

The Blemish
8 years ago
Reply to  Daniel Asamota

I do have to admit. She has a pretty nice body here.

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