American Idol hasn’t even aired yet and there’s already talk that Nicki Minaj could land her own reality show on E! and she didn’t even have to bang a guy on camera to do it. In the words of Kim Kardashian, “Waaaaah?!”

“That I’m going to keep a secret for now,” she said, “I thought I’d never do something like that, not saying I am still. I’m still considering. But, I will say that I find the more people see, is the more they understand, and then it’s the more they like you. If you only have such one-dimensional things to go off of like rumors, then you kind of never get to know the artist. When you pull them in your world, they see you as a real person. I’m not running away from it anymore.”

So Nicki Minaj would mainly do a reality show for fans to see a different side of her. Definitely not for the increased exposure and probable six figure per episode contract then. Alright, glad we got that settled.

Update: Apparently I should start checking my emails better because E! announced that they’re launching a trilogy of specials featuring Nicki Minaj starting in November.