Shakira Sex Tape Being Shopped Around

Though reps for Shakira deny it, Spanish and Latin America have been reporting that a sex tape starring Shakira and Barcelona star defender Gerard Pique is being shopped around. Spanish mag Intervieu claims a Barcelona talent agent was offered the tape which was allegedly filmed by a former employee of Shakira who’s now using it to blackmail her. This rumor comes amidst new reports that her ex and former manager is suing her for $250 million.

“The video lasts about 15 minutes….it’s filmed with a cell phone, which I guess, belonged to Shakira’s employee who was at the helm of the boat that night. The images are not steady and it’s out of focus.”

Shakira is 5’2” and Gerard Pique is 6’4”. There’s a good chance the tape is out of focus because Gerard was spinning her like a top.

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