Today’s News Brought to You by the iPhone 5

Apple announced the iPhone 5 today. Sure, Steve Jobs said no one wanted a bigger screen but screw him, iPhone 5 has a 4 incher now. What’s Steve gonna do about it? Sadly, no NFC but it does finally have LTE so there’s at least one thing your Android friends can stop lordinover you.

  • It’s a skating rink brawl.
  • The best Chris Evans interview you’ll ever read.
  • Kim Kadashian does NUTS.
  • Let me say again. Anna Paquin popped out some twins.
  • Sarah Hyland of Modern Family looks great in Nylon.
  • Carrie Underwood is still awesome. And hot.
  • The Chicago Bears stripper pole chick’s employer seems like a nice guy. Also, big fail.
  • Is Jennifer Lopez missing American Idol? Not yet. At least not until she realizes it was the only thing keeping her famous.
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