Tom Cruise Holds Creepy Scientology Approved Auditions for Potential Girlfriends Though the Church Denies It

Iranian-born and London raised actress Nazanin Boniadi (How I Met Your Mother as one of Barney’s longest girlfriends) is a former Scientologist and was once almost Mrs. Cruise had she played her cards right. So says a new Vanity Fair cover story.

In 2004, Boniadi unwittingly made it through a Scientology audit as part of a Tom Cruise wife search lead by David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly. She first thought it was a “training tape.” After being flown to New York City to meet Cruise, she figured out what was going on and they ended up dating from November 2004 to January 2005. During her audit the month before they began going out, she was “forced to share personal secrets and details of her sex life with a high-ranking Scientology official.” Details which probably ended up in his mental spank bank.

“Boniadi allegedly was told to lose her braces, her red highlights, and her boyfriend. According to a knowledgeable source, she was shown confidential auditing files of her boyfriend to expedite a breakup. (Scientology denies any misuse of confidential material.) The source says Boniadi signed a confidentiality agreement and was told that if she ‘messed up’ in any way she would be declared a Suppressive Person (a pariah and enemy of Scientology).”

The relationship only lasted a month before Tom thought Nazanin was being disrespectful to David Miscavige and himself. The first misstep happened when she congratulated Cruise on his Scientology Freedom of Medal of Valor award saying “very well done.” Cruise thought she was being condescending. Later while hosting a Scientology dinner, Boniadi “insulted” David Miscavige by asking him to repeat himself which is apparently not something one does. O Glorious Leader always speaks perfectly. “As Marc Headley, a high-profile ex-Scientologist, remarked to Orth: ‘You can’t do anything to displease Scientology, because Tom Cruise will freak out.'”

Soon enough, she was asked to leave the house and bedroom she shared with Cruise and was moved to a Scientology center in Florida where she told a friend about what happened. Turns out you’re not supposed to talk about this stuff so her friend narc’d on her to officials who punished her by having her scrub toilets with a toothbrush, clean bathroom tiles with acid, and dig ditches in the middle of the night. Probably for all those dead hookers. Of which David Miscavige probably has a lot of.

Sources: Vanity Fair, Vulture, HuffPo

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