About Christina Aguilera’s ‘Lotus’ Cover

I linked out to Christina Aguilera’s cover for Lotus but I wanted to come back to it because I was curious about something. Obviously, the label wanted to make sure Christina didn’t look too, how shall I put this, pudgy on her cover so they told the Photoshop guy to touch it up a bit.

What I wanted to know is did the Photoshop guy take one look at it, throw his hands in the air and give up? Is that why all he did was put a gradient to white starting from her stomach to the floor?

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8 years ago

The reason why Christina chose to do this cover was because of 3 reasons 1st…..she wanted to pay homage to her Stripped era 2nd she did not want the LOTUS album cover to be about fashion or gimmicks!!!!!!! & 3rd she doesn’t think of herself nude on this LOTUS COVER” because her breasts are covered her genitalia is covered so it’s no different to say a woman on the beach wearing a two piece bikini. And for the record Victor……. Christina s not pudgy or fat she is HEALTHY the way woman are meant to look before a insecure MALE… Read more »

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