Alicia Silverstone Wants You to Masturbate With a Leaf

When Alicia Silverstone isn’t acting, she’s either chewing up food and spitting into her kid’s mouth or plugging eco-friendly vibrators shaped like leaves. Where exactly did she go wrong?

Ok, ladies– sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra…something…when you’re getting it on (solo, with your partner…whatever floats your boat). There is one personal massager company that’s actually Kinder than all the rest.

These vibrators from Leaf come in a bunch of different shapes, all inspired by nature. I like that they look natural and feminine…like leaves and flowers…not scary. Plus they’re made from phalate-free, super-soft (and safe) silicone, and they use rechargeable batteries. And they’re shipped to you in packaging that’s not only discrete, but made from recycled materials.

There’s a few different varieties so you can pick one that speaks to you. It’s nice to know that you can get your green on and your groove on at the same time!

So, ladies. Which flower/leaf vibrator speaks to you. The fresh, the spirit, the touch, the vitality, the life or the bloom? I’d like to think the vitality because it looks like Bugs Bunny.

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