Chris Brown Has a New Neck Tattoo

Much like Rihanna with her Isis under-boob tattoo, Chris Brown also got a regrettable tattoo. This one ON his neck. Er, the front of his neck this time. It’s of a lion! *Takes dramatic pause, waits for groans* Chris calls it a “Symbol of Christ and Freedom!” But really, it’s just another way for him to pick up chicks. How is that, you ask? All he has to do is wiggle his Adam’s apple and that lion’s nose will start twitching. Girls love that stuff. “Daww, look at the cute kitty cat!,” they’ll scream before tearing their clothes off.

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0.0 anger management
0.0 anger management
8 years ago

So christlike to beat girls as long as you have a cross on and pray it away …

ryan bonline
ryan bonline
8 years ago

They’ll scream after they take their clothes off, too.

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