CM Punk Slapped a Fan, the Wrong Fan

On last night’s WWE Raw, CM Punk walked into the stands to do some bit. While he was up there, a guy in the audience pushed CM in the back, gave him the finger and then slapped him on the back of the head.

There’s apparently only so much CM Punk could take so he turned around and slapped and shoved the fan in the face. The only problem was it was the wrong guy. The person in white who slapped Punk on the head was hiding behind the guy who got punched.

When Punk turned around to slap the wrong man, the guy doing the shoving just stood there playing dumb because he’s a puss. If you’re going to shove a guy and slap his head, at least man up when he turns around. Or at the very least, when he turns around again, slap him on the head one more time.

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