Guess Who Katy Perry’s Breasts Voting For?

On the fence about who to vote for in the next presidential election? Katy Perry’s breasts would like to convince you it should be Obama by helpfully showing you which name to mark on the ballot. See? You just mark this box here. “Where?” Here. “I don’t see anything.” Right here, under her breasts. “There’s something under her breasts?!”

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Herman Bumfudle
9 years ago

hi beautiful mama. i just wanna say thank you for all the hard work and critism that you’ve had to endure for welcoming obama into his presidency. you are a fantastic young lady. appreciation can’t express your good work, i am humbled by your strength. :-/ and now we have to live up to those great expectations.

Herman Bumfudle
9 years ago

why couldn’t you have just sold cookies?

Barry Sotero
Barry Sotero
9 years ago

She’s a stupid bitch. She’ll vote for me because she thinks it’s cool. Plus, all the Hollywood retards will too.

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