How Lindsay Lohan Was Unbanned from the Chateau Marmont

Lindsay Lohan was banned from the Chateau Marmont after failing to pay a $46,000 bill. She claimed Liz & Dick producers were responsible for it. The producers just put their heads in their hands and sighed. Trying to argue with Lindsay is as pointless as getting John Travolta to come out of the closet.

The bill is finally being settled though. Lindsay agreed to the Barbara Walters interview in a lead-up to the movie’s premiere in exchange for producers taking care of the bill.

With “Liz & Dick,” the story of Elizabeth Taylor’s tumultuous two marriages to Richard Burton, set to air on Lifetime on Nov. 25, the producers need Lohan to promote the made-for-TV movie. “She had them over a barrel,” one source told Flash. “She demanded that the hotel bill be cleared up.” And it was. Lohan reappeared at Chateau last week in a low-cut, sequined mini-dress with a group of girlfriends for late-night tea and salads.

So Lindsay agreed to do her job only if that $46,000 bill was taken care of. Only in Hollywood can you half-ass something and still force your employers to pay you more for it. It actually sounds like the perfect place for me. I have a black belt in half-assing things.

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