Jenny McCarthy Blew a Guy at a Truck Stop for 20 Bucks

Jenny McCarthy, still running around promoting her book, told Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush Monday night that when she was a teenager, she blew a guy at a truck stop for 20 bucks. Classy lady.

She explained that she was on her way to spring break in Florida with two friends and they ended up broke and out of gas at a truck stop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At first, Jenny told Bush to read the book to find out what she did but Bush said he read it and that she left the story unfinished. Well, we can’t have that now can we?

Jenny eventually said, “I do recall eating a hot dog, at that truck stop… A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” *Makes blow job motion with hand and mouth* Afterward, Bush said, “I just want you to know something — you’re worth more than 20 dollars.”

Jenny McCarthy in her teens? Damn straight she’s worth more than $20. I mean, she’s at least worth a full tank of gas and there’s no way $20 could get that even back then.

  • miquel

    what a ho bag

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