Karrueche Train Wants Chris Brown Back, Rumored Pregnancy

Chris Brown dropped Karrueche Tran because he and Rihanna are a “thing” now but she’s not going to go without a fight. She’s gotten too used to the celebrity lifestyle to let it be ripped from her hands.

TMZ says she’s on a mission to get Chris back because she’s not ready to “go back to being basic.” I for one am glad she has her priorities straight. It’s heartbreaking when you can no longer say, “What? This isn’t Dom? Take it back,” and then spit on the server.

Anyway, this could explain why Chris and Karrueche were hanging out together in Burbank on Monday. She was probably trying to convince Chris to take her back.

If a face to crotch chat doesn’t work, maybe a planted story in Media Take Out, the site that will publish any rumor, will do the job. An “insider” claims she’s pregnant with Chris’ baby. “Kae wanted to start a family with Chris, she thought he wanted that too . . . then this [Rihanna mess] started. Right now she’s confused, but she still wants Chris in her life, and their child’s.”

I like how this supposed source tries to call Karrueche “Kae” to legitimize themselves and the story. It’s like when I talk to my friends about Robert DeNiro and call him Bobby D.

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10 years ago

i hope kae is pregnant wit chris baby i wonder wat rihanna would say then

10 years ago

I hope train was a typo