Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Spotted Together for First Time Post Breakup

The final Twilight movie premieres in exactly one month which means the entire cast is going on a publicity tour of high pitched shrieking proportions.

In unrelated news, ET has exclusive footage of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together again for the first time since everyone found out Kristen let Rupert Sanders dry hump her. You can watch the video at ET because it’s a *whispers* exclusive.

The two were spotted Sunday night at Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz hanging out with a group of friends. The video shows the two saying goodbye at 1:30 am before leaving together in the back of a friend’s car. Sources say there was no sign of tension between them as they laughed and joked and even “cozied up to each other.”

If you’re wondering if this is a perfect setup to whip Twilight fans who can’t separate fantasy from reality into a frenzy, you’d be absolutely right. They’re like hungry rabid pit bulls and we just threw a delicious t-bone in front of them. An exec is probably right now sitting in a high-back leather chair using a $100 bill to light his cigar and laughing ominously as he watches his master plan unfold.

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Anonymous Chan
Anonymous Chan
9 years ago

It’s “an” exclusive. “a” is used when it precedes a word starting with a consonant. If the next word begins with a vowel, (or in many times, to the irritation of a large part of the populace, a soft consonant, such as “h”. E.g. “an historical” event.) “an” is used. Proper English should be a requirement of a journalist or blogger.

Anonymous Chan
Anonymous Chan
9 years ago

Also, you’re missing a comma after “twilight fans”. It should be “Twilight fans, who can’t separate fantasy from reality, YOU’RE absolutely right.” Not “you ‘d be absolutely right”. That’s saying ” if you ARE wondering you WOULD be right”, which makes no sense. It’s either “if you WERE wondering you’d (you WOULD) be right” or “if you ARE wondering you’re (you ARE) right”. Those are just the obvious mistakes I have the patience to point out, I could tear up this entire page if I cared more. And if this response has errors it’s because I’m typing on a phone… Read more »

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