Kristen Stewart Spends 15 Minutes Answering Questions About Perfume

Balenciaga held their special “Kristen Stewart answers softball questions from the internet” event and put it on YouTube. If you have 15 minutes to kill and like watching Kristen’s pained expressions and staccato speech, then this video was made for you.

None of the questions were particularly interesting. They were along the lines of why do you like this perfume (because it doesn’t smell fake and chemically), is Balenciaga French (yes) and how does this scent make you feel (not like an old lady)? Riveting stuff.

Thankfully she doesn’t go through all 5,000 submitted questions and definitely not the one that asked, “So did you f*ck him? Huh? Did you f*ck him?!” In Robert Pattinson’s defense, he was in a weird place at the time.

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