Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Know Why You’re So Worried About Hurricane Sandy

Live on the East Coast? Waiting for Hurricane Sandy to flood your city and wash you away? Stockpiling food and water for the inevitable Armageddon? Well, stop it, dummy. Everything is going to be fine as long as you stay positive. So says Lindsay Lohan.

She doesn’t even know why you guys are so worried. Just some wind and some water. Southern California gets that all the time. Sometimes even up to 10 times a year and, look, we haven’t been washed away. Maybe West Coasters are just better at praying for peace than you East Coasters.

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Herman Bumfudle
9 years ago

:-/ i guess it depends where you live in nyc, where getting a very light drizzle here. and people are walking around in time square.

Waxil Davidson
9 years ago

What a genius. Tunnel vision from an irrelevant and crappy child actor.

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