Lindsay Lohan: ‘Mom’s on Cocaine!’

Hey, so how about that Lindsay Lohan? As you probably may have heard, Lindsay and her mom Dina got into it last night after partying at a club until 4 in the morning. Lindsay called her dad in the middle of it and he called the cops. Being the almost broke businessman he is, Michael Lohan recorded the conversation and sold it to TMZ. Aw, what a guy!

This tape is pretty much all you need if you wanted to understand how Lindsay turned out so dysfunctional. They should play this for every psych major as part of their 101 class.

At one point during the recording, Lindsay tells her dad, “She’s saying disgusting things to me… I”m dead to her now,” and “Dad, she’s on cocaine. She’s like touching her neck and sh*t.” Huh? Dina? On drugs? But she told Dr. Phil and E! News… This can’t be!

Don’t think Lindsay just went off on her mom though, she also told her dad, “This is what you do. You ruin people.” You see, she’s an equal opportunist. Not like her parents who are just opportunists.

Apparently the fight started over $40,000 that Lindsay lent to her mom to supposedly save her house from foreclosure. Lindsay wanted her money back and that’s when Dina blew up telling Lindsay she was dead to her. Dina probably got all dramatic too like she was auditioning for a part. “Did I get it?!,” she probably asked the police officers at the end of the night still coked up.

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