Lindsay Lohan Was Bullied in High School

Get your silly hats ready because it’s time to throw a pity party for Lindsay Lohan. Katie Couric ran her segment on bullying featuring an interview with Whitney Kropp who was nominated as homecoming queen as part of a school prank. The situation was a lot like Carrie except less pig’s blood and mass murder and more outpourings of support.

Well, Lindsay Lohan managed to catch the show and being Lindsay, she wanted Katie and everyone to know she could relate to Kropp because she too was bullied in high school. For being a big movie star. Hey, maybe Katie would like to do an interview with Lohan?

Heavens, no! People made fun of Lindsay for being a famous actor?! Those monsters.It’s almost as bad as this dad and his kid mocking a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. Almost.

Kropp, Lindsay Lohan is just like you! The only difference is she had a millions of dollars in the bank and, at the time, a budding acting career to comfort her. Oh, and she ran away to be home-schooled. Other than that, just like you!

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