Lindsay Lohan Will Talk to Barbara Walters

After Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael released his recorded conversation with her to TMZ, Lindsay told everyone he was dead to her. Now they’ve apparently made up again as Michael tells HS that they’ve “talked it out and everything is great.” However, Dina Lohan is pushing Lindsay to get a restraining order against  him so he can’t contact her at all.

In the midst of all this drama, Lindsay finally scored a sit-down with Barbara Walters. Lindsay showed her some behind the scenes of her Liz & Dick shoot and in a couple of weeks they’ll have an everything-goes interview for a primetime special airing before the premiere of Lindsay’s Lifetime movie.

I fully expect Barbara to go in old people mode and get straight into it. “What’s wrong with you?, How much coke does your mom do?, Is this real life? Someone get me my Metamucil!”

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