Richard Belzer Sieg Heils Fox News

Law & Order: SVU’s Richard Belzer was a guest on Fox 5’s Good Day New York where he was put in a side by side with co-host Dave Price because one viewer said they looked alike because they, um, both wear glasses?

Retarded viewers aside, Belzer was asked if Price could play his brother on the show. Belzer quipped, “If he gets molested and banged in the ass, maybe, I don’t know.” That’s when the nervous laughter started and Richard asked about the 5 second delay. Though I don’t see what the problem was. Isn’t that how most actors get their start? Oh… you mean in the show… right. Belzer tried to play it off like he was talking about banging furniture against walls.

The fun didn’t stop there. When it was time for their goodbyes, Belzer said, “Good morning. Say (Sieg) Heil to all your colleagues in the other division.” The other division being Fox News and of course Sieg Heil being the Nazi salute.

A rep for Belzer says the Nazi joke was “satirical gesture toward Fox News … whose ideology he is opposed to.” They added, “The other portion was a joke pertaining to the material of Richard’s TV show, which he tweaked at the last minute to make about furniture. A joke is a joke.” No. Really? Here I was thinking Richard was a closet Nazi who has a fetish for watching guys get molested and anal raped. Maybe next you can explain to me why fire is hot.

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Hitler's Mother
Hitler's Mother
8 years ago

It is now self-evident that Richard Belzer is not a comedian.

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