Amanda Bynes Walks Around Tanning Salons Naked

Amanda Bynes moved to NYC to avoid all that bad press and now that she’s not crazily driving around LA slamming into cars, she’s walking around NYC naked. Most recently at a Mystic tanning salon where she walked around the main area naked looking for goggles.

In Touch reports that after buying a spray-tan session, Amanda was given a private room but it didn’t take long for her to walk back out into the main salon area looking for goggles.

This would have been a non-story had she not been completely naked. A witness tells In Touch, “She didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked.” They went on, “She seemed totally out of it. She took her time walking back to the Mystic room, dragging her fingers along the wall and smiling at customers who passed her.” The witness concluded, “There was definitely something wrong with her.”

“Dragging her fingers along the wall and smiling at customers who passed her” while she walked naked back to her room. Erotic, yet, creepy. Did she start singing Ring Around the Rosie in a child-like voice too? Because she should have.

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9 years ago

DAMN I’d to to see that!! No one had a phone camera??

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