Cameron Diaz Talks Babies and Sex in Elle UK

Cameron Diaz, doing press to promote Gambit, covers Elle UK where she gives up a bunch of quotes. Let’s go through a few shall we.

On what’s in a Lancashire hotpot: “I don’t even want to let you know where my mind went with that. Sexual? No, it was more sophomoric – yes, the toilet! I have a tendency to either one or the other: sexual or scatological… But I’ve tried to become more mature. Is it anything to do with sausages? I’ve had sausages before… in a hotpot!”

She’s had “sausages” before. *Giggles*

On what burns more calories, 30 minutes of sex or 30 minutes of dancing: “Ha ha ha! Depends on what kind of sex you’re having. Try ’em both! Do them both on the same day, that’s what I say!”

Whoa, 30 minutes of sex? What is this? A marathon?

On marriage: “[Marriage] just wasn’t the thing I was drawn to. I certainly didn’t want it in my 20s. Or my 30s.”

But 40’s and 50’s? That’s when the clock starts ticking.

On children: “I don’t need to have the children in my life be a part of my literal flesh. And anyway, there’s still a possibility of that, I ain’t that old. I’m feeling very … capable.”

Her decaying ovaries beg to differ.

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