Channing Tatum Also GQ’s ‘Movie Star of the Year’

Channing Tatum is winning every end of year award. First it was PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man of the Year and now GQ’s man-crush won their Movie Star of the Year honors. I haven’t yet figured out how he won it seeing as he delivers lines with about as much conviction as someone post-lobotomy. He must be some kind of wizard. A few highlights from the interview:

Channing Tatum on his busy filming schedule and the career advice he received from “very successful, smart actors”: “They were like: ‘Grind it. If you love it, grind it.’ I did. And a lot of people who didn’t grind it, it’s not that they’re not in a good place, but I’m in a better place.”

…on his motivation to star in The Vow: “I did The Vow because I really love being in love.”

…on having a gym on the set of White House Down for himself and Jamie Foxx: “We have a trailer we go in and do meatheadish things.”

Wait, no. Are you sure that grind it advice wasn’t from the women he danced for in his stripper days? Because I’m pretty sure I can see a bachelorette named Margaret screaming that at Tatum while he thrusts his crotch at her.

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