Charlie Sheen Gave Lindsay Lohan $100K

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan became close friends while shooting Scary Movie 5 (you know, that movie Lindsay tried to get out of doing) reportedly spending a lot of time together on and off set. *Vigorous sniffing noises*

Sources say the two talked about everything and at one point Lindsay mentioned her tax problems where she owes the IRS $233,904 in unpaid taxes.

Well, they’re such good friends now that apparently Charlie gifted Lindsay a $100,000 check to pay off part of her debt. Lindsay, of course, accepted the money.

Insiders say at first, Charlie sent her a briefcase of coke but the IRS told him that wasn’t an acceptable form of payment. “Whatever, bros. More for me.”

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8 years ago

People need to quit feeling bad for this chick, seriously.

Faux lesbo will eat for coke
Faux lesbo will eat for coke
8 years ago

She gives me the runs.
Please O D for that vodka sucking Diane Sawyer interview

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