Don Lemon and Jonah Hill are Fighting

CNN’s Don Lemon and Jonah Hill got into what can only be described as a slap fight on Twitter. It all started when Don said “hi” to Jonah but felt Jonah was rude when all he got was a handshake. He thought he looked like the bellman to Jonah. The two went back and forth on Twitter for a bit.

Don: Said hi to @jonahhill in hotel. Think he thought i was bellman. Didn’t know his name til bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind.
Jonah: @DonLemonCNN I said hi what do you want me to do move in with you? I was in a hurry. Didn’t realize you were a 12 year old girl. Peace.
Don: Hardly. You’re not my type. But I know rude. And u were.
Jonah: I walked out of the restroom and found you waiting for me. Shook hands, said hi and was on my way. Sorry if you found that rude.
Don: Was waiting for luggage. Bellman & I laughed at how self-important u were. Just being honest. Be nice. Stardoom is fleeting.

Don even took his beef to Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien this morning saying he was having a bad day having missed his flight because someone asked him for an autograph and that, “Jonah Hill doesn’t owe me anything and he may have been having a bad day… but Jonah Hill treated me like the help.” Don says Jonah did shake his hand but it was a wet handshake and Don ain’t having no wet handshake.

He went on, “Normally it doesn’t bother me, but I was done … because I’d been taught by mother to always be kind to people.”

A quasi-celebrity was butthurt because another celebrity wouldn’t get into a conversation with him when he said hi. This is absolutely riveting. Maybe Don just didn’t have the right lead-in. I hear Jonah is really into excreted human placenta. Start with that next time.

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Mr Lemon your Sour
Mr Lemon your Sour

Jonah is so funny ..nice response to that Don dude.

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