Emmanuelle Chriqui Dancing in Her Underwear

Ever since Nina Dobrev burst on to the scene in Vampire Diaries, I’ve always said there’s a startling resemblance between her and Emmanuelle Chriqui. The similarities are even more prevalent in this video from Charles Perry where Chriqui dances around in her bra and panties. They could be sisters. The only thing left to do is to get Nina Dobrev to dance around in her bra and panties too. For comparison purposes only, of course. You wouldn’t want to stand in the way of science, would you?

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9 years ago

Thank you so very much, Charles Perry, for giving us the über-lovely Emmanuelle Chriqui at her most sexiest! Wow, just, wow!!! Oh, and shame on you The Blemish, for even comparing that teenie bopper Dobrev with the goddess that IS Emmanuelle! For shame…

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