Jennifer Lopez Denies Getting Maid Fired

A few days ago, a maid, Pray Dodaj, from the Melia Dusseldorf hotel in Germany went to German newspaper Bild and told them she was fired after knocking on Jennifer Lopez’s door and asking for an autograph.

According to Dodaj, “I am an incredibly big fan so I took all my courage and rang the bell to get an autograph. But I was rejected by two assistants at the door. A day later the cleaning company that employed me at the hotel called and said that Ms Lopez had complained. I was fired right there on the phone. Because of an autograph.”

The story seemed plausible at the time because Jennifer Lopez is a stuck up pain in the ass. However, Lopez blasted the story on Twitter writing, “C’mon thought you knew me better than this. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter.”

Wow. I’m actually impressed she didn’t bring up Maid in Manhattan and use it as proof that she knows what a working class citizen feels like and how working on that film allowed her to empathize with them.

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