Jennifer Lopez Won’t Speak to the Help

In news that should shock absolutely no one because everyone knows that only Mariah Carey rivals Jennifer Lopez in the diva department, a flight attendant aboard a United Airlines flight says Jennifer wouldn’t speak to her directly when she asked for her drink order.

“I just said, ‘What can I get you to drink?’ But Jennifer refused to even acknowledge me. She turned her head away and told her personal assistant, ‘Please tell him I’d like a Diet Coke and lime,'” the flight attendant told Star. “She wouldn’t even look at me. It was sad, she seems so sweet in her movies.”

“She doesn’t speak to salespeople, restaurant or hotel staff – or flight attendants,” the insider told Star. “She only talks through her assistants.”

Anyone else and I’d find this hard to believe but in this case, I’m actually surprised Jennifer even indirectly addressed her. I figure she would have just stared at her assistant using only the emotions conveyed through her eyes to tell her what she wanted to drink. “You want a Diet Coke with… um… lemon? No, no! Lime! Lime! Ahh! No! Not the whip! Anything but the whip!”

  • Bill Surman

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