Johnny Depp Cozying Up With Amber Heard

Page Six says Johnny Depp was cozying up with his Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard, whatever that means. The two were spotted at the AV Nightclub in LA on Monday where they sat down on a patio that was blocked off just for them. A witness described them being “flirty” and “sat close, conversing the whole time.”

Really? That’s it? If I was Johnny, I’m not sure I could keep my tongue out of her mouth for more than 5 minutes. It’d be like I was mining for gold. And the gold was in her stomach. And my tongue was the pickaxe. And the applause from people around me would be thunderous.

  • Doll

    Thanks Blemish….

  • Key Diamond

    I never heard of an abuser being abused. Maybe in the movies. I never believed she was abused and I was right. She is a serial abuser which is even worse. And she goads at watching the public crucify Depp. That is textbook abuser modus operandi. She will never speak the truth but thank God we have brains of our own and we have figured this horrible woman out . Karma will get her.

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