Justin Bieber Made Out With a Selena Gomez Lookalike

A source tells Lainey Gossip that Justin Bieber met a Selena Gomez lookalike at a post-show party, most likely the Canda’s Grey Cup party, and, before they could even get a conversation going, invited her back to his hotel. She wanted to bring her friends and, while Justin and his people weren’t keen on the idea, they eventually agreed.

Now at his hotel, there’s a party happening and the Selena Gomez lookalike is sitting and talking when Justin tells her to “stand up.” So she does and he takes her seat, says, “Ok, you can sit down again,” and motions for her to sit on his lap… Alright, fess up. Who gave this kid a copy of Neil Strauss’ The Game? I want names.

The source went on to say that she sat in his lap for a while before Justin asked her if she wanted to listen to his new song and give him her opinion on it. This eventually led to kissing and light groping. Then she killed the mood by saying she was not going to get swaggy with him and, since it was game over for him, that’s when he told her to GTFO.

I think he rushed that a little. Didn’t Usher teach this kid anything about foreplay? Justin is going to need a lot of that if he wants a girl to give it up to his dorky ass.

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