Ke$ha Talks Ghost Sex and Glitter Baths

Time magazine interviewed Ke$ha because, um, I don’t know why. Her new album? Maybe. Anyway, first she talks about how she had sex with a ghost in a flophouse.

“Well no, I definitely lived in a house that had a ghost in it. And there was sexual energy in the air. That’s real talk.” When asked who the ghost was, Ke$ha explained, “In Laurel Canyon. I don’t know who the ghost was, but it was at Laurel Canyon in this house that I lived in—it was kind of like a flophouse, all the people that lived there. I moved in when I was pretty broke, and there was just this weird energy there that I was drawn to.”

So she was in a house with a bunch of other broke people while a ghost had sex with her. Sounds pretty romantic. I bet the ghost didn’t even leave a note when he left in the morning.

Also, she has weird fans who send her human teeth. “Yeah, my fans have sent me about over a thousand human teeth, that I’m making different accessories and clothing out of. I think most of them are just teeth that have naturally fallen out, but a couple of them have given me bloody teeth. It’s a little sketchy, but I love it.”

She went on, “Well, I tweeted about it. I said, gimme your teeth if you have any extras, ’cause I want to make a headdress out of it. I’ve gotten so many that now I’ve made, like, necklaces and earrings and a headdress and a bra.”

Hey, nice headdress. What’s that made of? Human teeth? Oh… that’s… cool. I’m just gonna go and get a drink. Be back later.

Ke$ha then talks about how she bathes in baby oil and glitter to get ready for a show. “On my rider there’s a bathtub full of glitter, cause that’s how I get ready for my show. I cover my body in baby oil and sit in a bathtub full of glitter, cause it’s just the easiest way to get it all over your body.”

Coincidentally, Christina Aguilera does the same thing but instead of baby oil it’s melted chocolate and instead of glitter, it’s sprinkles.

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